Peter D. Hershock. -- Rowman & Littlefield, -- c2014. --


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ISBN 1442216123 (hbk. : alk. paper)
ISBN13桁 9781442216129 (hbk. : alk. paper)
無効なISBN等 9781442216143 (electronic)
テキストの言語 英語                  
分類:NDC10版 188.8
個人著者標目 Hershock, Peter D.
本タイトル Public Zen, personal Zen :
タイトル関連情報 a Buddhist introduction /
著者名 Peter D. Hershock.
出版地・頒布地 Lanham :
出版者・頒布者名 Rowman & Littlefield,
出版年・頒布年 c2014.
数量 xvii, 271 p. ;
大きさ 24 cm.
書誌注記 Includes bibliographical references (p. 255-264) and index.
内容注記 Zen origins. Buddha , Dharma, and Sangha from India to China -- The Japanese transformation of Buddhism -- Public Zen. Rinzai Zen -- Sōtō Zen -- Ōbaku Zen -- Personal Zen. Practicing Zen -- Zen exemplars: Dōgen, Ikkyū, Hakuin, and Ryōkan -- Zen here and now.
要約、抄録、注釈等 "Among Buddhist traditions, Zen has been remarkably successful in garnering and sustaining interest outside the Buddhist homelands of Asia, and "zen" is now part of the global cultural lexicon. This deeply informed book explores the history of this enduring Japanese tradition - from its beginnings as a form of Buddhist thought and practice imported from China to its reinvention in medieval Japan as a force for religious, political, and cultural change to its role in Japan's embrace of modernity. Going deeper, it also explores Zen through the experiences and teachings of key individuals who shaped Zen as a tradition committed to the embodiment of enlightenment by all. By bringing together Zen's institutional and personal dimensions, Peter D. Hershock offers readers a nuanced yet accessible introduction to Zen as well as distinctive insights into issues that remain relevant today, including the creative tensions between globalization and localization, the interplay of politics and religion, and the possibilities for integrating social transformation with personal liberation."--book jacket.
統一タイトル(シリーズ副出標目) Critical issues in world and international history.
シリーズ名・巻次 Critical issues in world and international history 
一般件名 Zen Buddhism -- History.
Zen Buddhism.
資料情報1 『Public Zen, personal Zen : a Buddhist introduction /』(Critical issues in world and international history) Peter D. Hershock. Rowman & Littlefield, c2014. (所蔵館:中央  請求記号:F/188.8/H57/P  資料コード:7104653270)