Motomaro Shirao, Charles A. Wood. -- Springer, -- c2011. --


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ISBN 1441972846 (hardcover)
ISBN13桁 9781441972842 (hardcover) :
テキストの言語 英語                  
分類:NDC10版 446.4
個人著者標目 Shirao, Motomaro,
生没年等 1953-
本タイトル The Kaguya lunar atlas :
タイトル関連情報 the moon in high resolution /
著者名 Motomaro Shirao, Charles A. Wood.
その他のタイトル Lunar atlas
出版地・頒布地 New York:
出版者・頒布者名 Springer,
出版年・頒布年 c2011.
数量 ix, 173 p. :
他の形態的事項 chiefly ill. (some col.), maps ;
大きさ 23 x 29 cm.
一般注記 Includes indexes.
内容注記 pt. 1. Background. The Kaguya mission. Kaguya's HDTV and its imaging. Images of Earth and Kaguya's impact on the moon. The lunar surface -- pt. 2. The atlas.
要約、抄録、注釈等 This volume presents a "gallery" or collection of unique portraits of the moon. The 100 detailed photographs are presented in a standard format as wide angle, low perspective views of a single feature or geographical complex, assembled from many separate lunar orbiter photos taken in high definition video. In late 2007, the Japanese Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) placed the Kaguya/ Selene spacecraft in orbit around the Moon to probe the Moon's surface and interior. But unlike previous lunar orbiters, Kaguya carries a high definition television camera (HDTV) sent beyond Earth orbit. The output shows the Moon as it would be seen by an astronaut looking through a porthole window while orbiting only 100 km above the lunar surface.
著者標目 Wood, Charles A.
団体件名 SELENE (Artificial satellite)
地名件名 Moon -- Photographs from space.
Moon -- Maps.
資料情報1 『The Kaguya lunar atlas : the moon in high resolution /』 Motomaro Shirao, Charles A. Wood. Springer, c2011. (所蔵館:中央  請求記号:DF/446.4/S55/K  資料コード:5020709145)