William M. Mahoney. -- Greenwood, -- c2011. --


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ISBN 0313363056 (hardcopy : acid-free paper)
ISBN13桁 9780313363054 (hardcopy : acid-free paper)
テキストの言語 英語                  
分類:NDC10版 234.8
個人著者標目 Mahoney, William M.
本タイトル The history of the Czech Republic and Slovakia /
著者名 William M. Mahoney.
出版地・頒布地 Santa Barbara, Calif. :
出版者・頒布者名 Greenwood,
出版年・頒布年 c2011.
数量 xx, 287 p. :
他の形態的事項 maps ;
大きさ 25 cm.
書誌注記 Includes bibliographical references and index.
内容注記 Series foreword -- Acknowledgments -- Timeline of historical events -- 1: Czech Republic and Slovakia today -- 2: Origins and medieval legacies -- 3: Late Middle Ages -- 4: Religious controversies and military conflicts (1400's-1700's) -- 5: Into the modern era: reform, revolution, and national awakening (1740-1914) -- 6: World War I and the first Czechoslovak Republic (1914-1938) -- 7: Munich agreement and the World War II (1938-1945) -- 8: Postwar era and the communist regime (1945-1989) -- 9: Velvet revolution, the "velvet divorce," and the two republics (1989-2009) -- Notable people in the history of the Czech Republic and Slovakia -- Bibliography -- Index.
要約、抄録、注釈等 Overview: The History of the Czech Republic and Slovakia charts historical developments in the two nations to the opening decade of the 21st century. The book begins with an overview of the geography, climate, people, economy, and government of both the Czech and Slovak republics. Subsequent chapters offer a chronologically organized survey of historical events, trends, ideas, and people. Starting with the early Slavic settlements around the 5th century AD, the book explores Czech and Slovak history through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Early Modern eras, the Enlightenment, and the age of nationalism and revolution. Chapters on the 20th century include discussion of the World Wars, the interwar Czechoslovak state, the Communist decades, the Prague Spring, and the Velvet Revolution of 1989. The story is brought up to date with insights into developments in the independent Czech and Slovak republics since 1993.
シリーズ名・巻次 The Greenwood histories of the modern nations 
一般件名 Geschiedenis (vorm)
地名件名 Czech Republic -- History.
Slovakia -- History.
資料情報1 『The history of the Czech Republic and Slovakia /』(The Greenwood histories of the modern nations) William M. Mahoney. Greenwood, c2011. (所蔵館:中央  請求記号:F/234.8/M21/H  資料コード:5021079191)
URL https://catalog.library.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/winj/opac/switch-detail.do?lang=ja&bibid=1348493320