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ISBN 0231702809 (cloth : alk. paper)
ISBN13桁 9780231702805 (cloth : alk. paper)
テキストの言語 英語                  
分類:NDC10版 312.385
個人著者標目 Bennett, Brian
姓名の完全形 (Brian M.),
生没年等 1948-
本タイトル The last dictatorship in Europe :
タイトル関連情報 Belarus under Lukashenko /
著者名 Brian Bennett.
出版地・頒布地 New York :
出版者・頒布者名 Columbia University Press,
出版年・頒布年 c2011.
数量 xiv, 358 p. ;
大きさ 23 cm.
書誌注記 Includes bibliographical references (p. 337-348) and index.
内容注記 Author's note on Belarusian names -- Acronyms -- Belarus on the eve of independence -- Independence and a presidential election -- The 1995 referendum -- The 1996 referendum -- Consolidating presidential power -- The situation in 2003 -- Consolidating personal power, the 2004 referendum -- From referendum to election -- The 2006 election campaign -- Dictatorship achieved 2006 -- Lukashenko the man -- Belarus after Lukashenko -- Notes -- Timeline -- Biographies.
要約、抄録、注釈等 An isolated country dominated by a single, ruthless leader, Belarus is Europe's last modern dictatorship. Despite the country's fascinating history, rich culture, and gorgeous landscape, few nonresidents travel to Belarus and take advantage of its resources, and even though the nation's people are friendly and hospitable, they nevertheless live under the constant threat of arrest. Belarus exists outside of modern European norms, frozen in time by a tyrannical regime that fooled its citizens into thinking a new leader would grant their freedom. Instead, Alexander Lukashenko has pursued a pattern of rule as oppressive as all of those who came before him. Brian Bennett follows the history of Belarus from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the 2006 ascendance of Lukashenko. He revisits the excitement felt by many Belarussians after their first presidential election in 1994 and the cold realization that the country had returned to business as usual, as evidenced by the implementation of undemocratic referendums, fixed elections, suspicious disappearances, and the violent suppression of public opposition. Bennett concludes with a close consideration of the enigmatic Lukashenko and how his regime might one day end. - Publisher.
個人件名 Lukashenko, Aleksandr,
生没年等 1954-
一般件名細目 Influence.
一般件名 Presidents -- Belarus -- Biography.
Political campaigns -- Belarus.
地名件名 Belarus -- Politics and government -- 1991-