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ISBN 9639776688 (hardbound)
ISBN13桁 9789639776685 (hardbound)
テキストの言語 英語                  
分類:NDC10版 238.5
個人著者標目 Bekus, Nelly.
本タイトル Struggle over identity :
タイトル関連情報 the official and the alternative "Belarusianness" /
著者名 Nelly Bekus.
出版地・頒布地 Budapest :
出版者・頒布者名 Central European University Press,
出版年・頒布年 2010.
数量 306 p. :
他の形態的事項 ill. ;
大きさ 24 cm.
書誌注記 Includes bibliographical references and (p. [283]-301) index.
内容注記 pt. 1. Nation in theory -- Nation-formation strategies in contemporary nation-studies -- State and nation -- Nationalism, capitalism, liberalism : the East European perspective -- Nationalism and socialism : the Soviet case 41 -- pt. 2. The rise and development of the Belarusian national idea -- The first Belarusian nationalist movement : between national and class interests -- Byelorussian Republic within the Soviet state -- Post-Soviet conditions for independence -- pt. 3. Belarusian post-communism -- The election of the first Belarusian president as a mirror of Belarusian preferences -- "Labels" of the Belarusian regime -- "Triple transformation" and Belarus -- Prerequisites of democratization and authoritarianism in Belarus -- pt. 4. Arguments and paradoxes of weak Belarusian identity -- Belarus as an example of national and democratic failure -- The Russian factor in Belarusian self-perception -- The paradox of "national pride" -- Paradoxes of political and linguistic Russification -- Lack of religious basis for national unity -- pt. 5. The struggle over identity -- Two ideas of "Belarusianness" -- Belarusian-specific nature of the public sphere : "invisible wall" -- Belarusian history : the alternative and official historical narrations -- Political discourses of the alternative Belarusianness -- National ideology of the Belarusian state as a political articulation of official Belarusianness -- pt. 6. Cultural manifestation versus social reification -- Two approaches to the politics of identity -- Belaruski globus : an encyclopedia of what existed before communism -- The Belarusian National Film Misterium occupation : distancing themselves from Soviets and Russians -- The "Free theater" or the alternative Belarusianness on stage -- Independent rock music : critical reflection and protest -- Medieval reenactors : a manifestation of Belarus's European history -- The official politics of identity : social reification strategy.
一般件名 National characteristics, Belarusian.
Nationalism -- Belarus.
地名件名 Belarus -- Social conditions.
Belarus -- Politics and government.
資料情報1 『Struggle over identity : the official and the alternative "Belarusianness" /』 Nelly Bekus. Central European University Press, 2010. (所蔵館:中央  請求記号:F/238.5/B42/S  資料コード:7101424499)