edited by Roman Rosenbaum. -- Routledge, -- 2014, c2013. --


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ISBN 1138857408 (pbk)
ISBN13桁 9781138857407 (pbk)
無効なISBN等 9780203097816 (ebk)
テキストの言語 英語                  
分類:NDC10版 726.101
本タイトル Manga and the representation of Japanese history /
著者名 edited by Roman Rosenbaum.
出版地・頒布地 London ;
出版者・頒布者名 Routledge,
出版年・頒布年 2014, c2013.
数量 xvii, 273 p. :
他の形態的事項 ill. ;
大きさ 24 cm.
一般注記 Originally published: 2013.
書誌注記 Includes bibliographical references and index.
内容注記 Introduction: The representation of Japanese history in manga / Roman Rosenbaum -- Sabotaging the rising sun : representing history in Tezuka Osamu's Phoenix / Rachael Hutchinson -- Reading Shōwa history through manga : Astro Boy as the avatar of postwar Japanese culture / Roman Rosenbaum -- Representations of gendered violence in manga : the case of enforced military prostitution / Erik Ropers -- Maruo Suehiro's Planet of the Jap : revanchist fantasy or war critique? / Peter C. Luebke and Rachel DiNitto -- Making history herstory : Nelson's don and Siebold's daughter in Japanese shōjo manga / Ulrich Heinze -- Heroes and villains : manchukuo in Yasuhiko Yoshikazu's Rainbow Trotsky / Emer O'Dwyer -- Making history : manga between kyara and historiography / Matthew Penney -- Postmodern representations of the pre-modern Edo period / Paul Sutcliffe -- "Land of kami, land of the dead" : paligenesis and the aesthetics of religious revisionism in Kobayashi Yoshinori's 'Neo-Gōmanist Manifesto: On Yasukuni' / James Mark Shields -- Hating Korea, hating the media : manga Kenkanryū and the graphical (mis- )representation of Japanese history in the internet age / Raffael Raddatz -- The adaptation of Chinese history into Japanese popular culture : a study of Japanese manga, animated series and video games based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Benjamin Wai-Ming Ng -- Towards a summation : how do manga represent history? / Roman Rosenbaum.
要約、抄録、注釈等 "This edited collection explores how graphic art and in particular Japanese manga represent Japanese history. The articles explore the representation of history in manga from disciplines that include such diverse fields as literary studies, politics, history, cultural studies, linguistics, narratology, and semiotics. Despite this diversity of approaches all academics from these respective fields of study agree that manga pose a peculiarly contemporary appeal that transcends the limitation imposed by traditional approaches to the study and teaching of history. The representation of history via manga in Japan has a long and controversial historiographical dimension. Thereby manga and by extension graphic art in Japanese culture has become one of the world's most powerful modes of expressing contemporary historical verisimilitude. The strategy of combining the narrative elements of writing with graphic art, the extensive narrative story-manga and its Western equivalent of the graphic novel, reflects the relatively new soft power of 'global' media, which have the potential to display history in previously unimagined ways. Boundaries of space and time in manga become as permeable as societies and cultures across the world. Each of the articles in this book investigates the authorship of history by looking at various different attempts to render Japanese history through the popular cultural media of the story-manga. As Carol Gluck, Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Susan Napier and others have shown, it has never been easy to encapsulate the complex narrative of emperor-based cyclical Japanese historical periods. The contributors to this volume elaborate how manga and by extension graphic art rewrites, reinvents and re-imagines the historicity and dialectic of bygone epochs in postwar/contemporary Japan."--,"This edited collection explores how graphic art and in particular Japanese manga represent Japanese history"--
著者標目 Rosenbaum, Roman,
統一タイトル(シリーズ副出標目) Routledge contemporary Japan series ;
シリーズの巻次 44.
シリーズ名・巻次 Routledge contemporary Japan series ; 44
一般件名 History in art.
Comic books, strips, etc. -- Themes, motives. -- Japan
地名件名 Japan.
資料情報1 『Manga and the representation of Japanese history /』(Routledge contemporary Japan series ; 44) edited by Roman Rosenbaum. Routledge, 2014, c2013. (所蔵館:中央  請求記号:F/726.1/M27/M  資料コード:7105824407)
URL https://catalog.library.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/winj/opac/switch-detail.do?lang=ja&bibid=1352015260